About South Asian Nation

South Asian Nation is a non-profit organization that was founded on promoting cultural awareness at the local and national levels. South Asian culture continues to dominate headlines with movies, sound tracks, food, dance and language. We aim to target many of these areas and help to continue to promote the rich culture of South Asia.

Our definition of South Asia includes countries on the physical continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan), and two islands off the coast of the continent (Sri Lanka & Maldives). These countries help to make up South Asia, and looking at our logo, you will notice that we have 7 lines immediately below SA which unite into one line that is below Nation. This unity is what our organization is about, and showing how rich the cultures from these regions are is what’s most important to us.

South Asian Nation hopes to enrich the lives of the communities that we do business in by providing:

  • Various types of classes in dance, culture and ethnic focus
  • Weekly, monthly and annual events
  • Professional teams to perform at events
  • Skills that will last a lifetime for people that choose to work with us

Organizations like Boston Bhangra, Inc are already under our umbrella, and we look to expand upon that in the years to come! As our goals become a reality we hope to expand across the US and bring the rich South Asian culture to communities in your neighborhood!